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Cash flow — the secret of success

The most successful companies are those that manage their cash flow effectively. And that means keeping a keen eye on credit. Bridging the gap between the point at which an invoice is raised, and the point at which the money enters your bank, can be a challenge. It’s why there are specific financial ‘services’ that can help. And one of the best known — and most widely used — is factoring.

How does it work?

Factoring is a form of cash flow funding that allows you to release up to 100% of the value of cash tied up in unpaid invoices, usually within 24 hours of raising an invoice. How it works is simple: you send a copy of the invoice to both your customer and the lender. The lender will then make a pre-agreed percentage of the invoice value available to you, collect the payment from your customer, and return to you the remaining percentage of the invoice value, minus any fees. Different types of Factoring service are available to suit different needs; for example, it does not always require the customer to pass the management of their sales ledger over to the lender. Ownership of the ledger can be retained in-house.

Benefits of using Touch Financial

  • Release up to 95% of the value of your invoice
  • Our award winning service is free and confidential
  • Short term contracts and trial periods available
  • Favourable rates when going through Touch
  • Access to over 30 of the UK’s leading lenders

Why should I factor?

Factoring tends to suit smaller businesses whose principal ‘asset’ is their sales ledger (ie their invoices). The main advantage, of course, is that it provides an immediate injection of cash. Rather than having to wait 60 or 90 days, or perhaps even longer, you will have money immediately available to you to re-invest in your business. Having cash up front enables you to pay your suppliers more quickly, and negotiate better terms as a result, taking full advantage of supplier discounts for early settlement. What is especially good is that the more invoices you generate, the more cash you will receive. It therefore ‘rewards’ growing businesses, encouraging growth rather than holding it back.

Touch Financial reviews

Feedback for Touch Financial has been compiled from 204 customer reviews

Date Product Score Customer Comment

Invoice Finance- Wholesale / Distributor


Excellent and supportive thoughout. Many thanks

Invoice Finance- Consulting


Working as a consultant with some large companies that give me 60 and 90day agreements I wanted to close some of the gap in my cash flow in order to be able to expand my business. I was very new to the idea of factoring and approached Touch Financial (TF) who talked me through what my options could be available to me, only after I fully understood what everything was, did TF introduce me to 3 Factoring companies. What is great about TF is that the relationship does not end there, they check all is running smooth, taking away the stress of not knowing where things are in the process.

Touch Financial where there whenever needed, but at the same time never over crowded which is also something I enjoyed. I know if I need anything from TF I can email or call and someone will be helping me straight away.

I fully trust FT, and would recommend them to self-employed friends, and even my clients without feeling like this company would hard sell to them.

Invoice Finance- Transportation


A very quick response to our enquiry. Three suitable companies recommended and contact was made within 24 working hours. Very efficient, polite and responsive. Great communication on all levels.

Invoice Finance - Manufacturing


Nigel was very helpful, providing clear guidance to help us move our financing smoothly to our new provider sourced by Touch Financial.

I was very pleased with the service and advice given to me and will look to get in touch with Touch Financial as and when I require their service in the future