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Courier business thrives thanks to invoice finance - Image November 17th, 2014

Courier business thrives thanks to invoice finance

Roy Walker found his courier company had two options: stay as he was, and run the risk of his business being overtaken by the competition; or…

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Right Track Recruitment UK Case Study - Image November 3rd, 2014

Right Track Recruitment UK Case Study

A video introducing how invoice finance works, explaining how Touch Financial can help you, the business owner, to find the best invoice finance

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Manufacturing: Lancashire - Image August 22nd, 2012

Manufacturing: Lancashire

Industry: Manufacturing Turnover: £400k No. Of employees: 4 Region: Lancashire Lender:  Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Overview of the Company:…

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Security: West Midlands - Image August 22nd, 2012

Security: West Midlands

Industry: Security Turnover: £250k No. Of employees: 20 Region: West Midlands Lender: Bibby Overview of the Company: Set up in early 2011 to…

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Industrial Cleaning: Hampshire - Image August 20th, 2012

Industrial Cleaning: Hampshire

Invoice factoring has given us the confidence that we can continue trading, even during really tough times. We’ve just come through a couple of…

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Engineering: South Wales - Image July 23rd, 2012

Engineering: South Wales

Invoice factoring has made a very big difference to our cash flow. We are able to keep paying our staff on time, while we wait for our customer to…

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Construction Contractors: Midlands - Image May 1st, 2012

Construction Contractors: Midlands

As our workload had trebled in a short amount of time, we knew invoice factoring would solve our cash flow worries, because we\'ve used it before.

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Clothing Wholesaler: South Wales - Image December 2nd, 2010

Clothing Wholesaler: South Wales

“With turnover increasing by over 50% per year we need capital to invest in the growth of our business. We also pay for all our imported stock up…

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Surveying: London - Image December 2nd, 2010

Surveying: London

“Originally we were using the invoice finance provided by our bank. But it was proving to be expensive and we were locked into a long-term…

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Logistics: Midlands - Image November 24th, 2010

Logistics: Midlands

We needed funding to get the business off the ground. Our clients are mainly in the engineering sector, automotive and aircraft part suppliers.…

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