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Civil Engineering: Scotland - Image November 24th, 2010

Civil Engineering: Scotland

“Our customers insist on 45 day payment terms, which in reality means it can be up to 75 days before we get paid. We need cash to pay our staff…

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Security: Buckinghamshire - Image October 13th, 2010

Security: Buckinghamshire

“We\'ve seen a big difference. Customers who used to pay late are now settling their invoices on time, because they\'re being chased. It\'s going…

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Manufacturing: Hertfordshire - Image October 13th, 2010

Manufacturing: Hertfordshire

“Without this invoice finance arrangement we would not have been able to fulfil this major order, which would have had serious implications for…

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Recruitment: £300k in London - Image October 13th, 2010

Recruitment: £300k in London

“If we\'re going to survive it\'s essential that we stay on top of our cash flow . We have contractors out on site who need paying before the…

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Catering: Lincolnshire - Image October 13th, 2010

Catering: Lincolnshire

“As a young business, we need invoice factoring to keep the cash flowing through our business. Unfortunately, the first organisation we signed up…

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Recruitment: London - Image September 16th, 2010

Recruitment: London

“We\'ve now been using invoice finance for six months and it\'s really helping our business grow as we can take on more staff and contracts secure…

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Security: Edinburgh - Image September 14th, 2010

Security: Edinburgh

“The customer was struggling with his cash flow due to the number of staff they were supplying to customers and invoicing them in arrears but…

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Wholesale Distribution: Edinburgh - Image September 14th, 2010

Wholesale Distribution: Edinburgh

“With the introduction of a factoring facility the customer was able to quickly get their cash flow under control and also benefited from the…

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