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“Gave me 3 excellent options, each of which had excellent rates and customer service.”


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“A very efficient service from an excellent staff team that understands the specific needs of individual clients.”


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How does Credit Protection work?

Thousands of businesses rely on sales from multiple customers and credit protection, also referred to as credit insurance, which helps to preserve credit health for businesses. If serious bad debt were to arise from a key account or customer, financial stability could be affected significantly. To prevent this, cover can be acquired which usually is provided in two forms:

    • Whole turnover this is when an insurer agrees to pay out – up to around 90% – against all potential bad debt based on your client ledger, in the case of commercial losses caused by debtors. This would be for a given period – commonly 12 months, but there are more flexible solutions also available.
    • Invoice insurance this is a more selective form of cover, provided on an invoice-by-invoice basis and very popular amongst small to medium sized businesses.


Risks of bad debt
The likelihood of struggling customers ending up insolvent is high in today’s economic climate. Financial troubles which affect the debtor can have a knock-on effect to the businesses which are owed. While it is hard to predict the severity of bad debts before they arise, contacting a credit protection expert can help limit the damage afflicted by such a turn of events.

What are the benefits of Credit Protection?

  • Security – to the value of your sales ledger, helping you to continue trading in the event of experiencing bad debt.
  • Peace of mind – that your business can remain stable. In the event of non-payment, some covers can pay out up to 90%.
  • Confidence – you can take on new customers and market opportunities.

Why use Touch Financial?

Managing credit risk is complex for any business, whether you are pre-trading or better established. Our experienced broker team has a comprehensive knowledge on bad debt and the options available in the event of non-payment. Combining our expertise around finance facilities and relationships with the most suitable credit insurers currently available also puts us in a unique position to help.

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