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Welcome to our Case Study feed. Here you will find real examples of companies we have helped. Take your time and read some of these examples of our services and how we have helped source funding solutions for businesses in most sectors.

Industrial Cleaning: Hampshire - Image

Industrial Cleaning: Hampshire

Invoice factoring has given us the confidence that we can continue trading, even during really tough times. We’ve just come through a couple of really hard months, when customer activity was very low. It’s picked up since then, but during that time we relied heavily on the cash flow from invoice factoring.

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Surveying: London - Image

Surveying: London

“Originally we were using the invoice finance provided by our bank. But it was proving to be expensive and we were locked into a long-term…

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Logistics: Midlands - Image

Logistics: Midlands

We needed funding to get the business off the ground. Our clients are mainly in the engineering sector, automotive and aircraft part suppliers.…

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Civil Engineering: Scotland - Image

Civil Engineering: Scotland

“Our customers insist on 45 day payment terms, which in reality means it can be up to 75 days before we get paid. We need cash to pay our staff…

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Security: Buckinghamshire - Image

Security: Buckinghamshire

“We\'ve seen a big difference. Customers who used to pay late are now settling their invoices on time, because they\'re being chased. It\'s going…

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Manufacturing: Hertfordshire - Image

Manufacturing: Hertfordshire

“Without this invoice finance arrangement we would not have been able to fulfil this major order, which would have had serious implications for…

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Recruitment: £300k in London - Image

Recruitment: £300k in London

“If we\'re going to survive it\'s essential that we stay on top of our cash flow . We have contractors out on site who need paying before the…

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