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Today we take a break from finance in our Ask An Expert series. We speak to Yaser Ayub, Touch Financial’s Head of Digital, about responsive web design.

So, talk us through what’s new with the website.

A lot’s happening, but we have just implemented responsive web design on all of the Touch Financial channels. Whether you’re browsing our website on your computer, phone or tablet, we’ve designed it so that the contents fit your screen.

What are the benefits of responsive web design?

One word: usability. Touch Financial prides itself on providing added value to the customer, other than our core products and services. We’ve revamped our site usability so that audiences can view and use it on any device. Our main site is more comprehensive, whereas our mobile sites strips it down to our core content, for busy businesspeople on the go.

Website responsiveness is also really taking off in the tech world. More and more companies, both large and small, are making their sites responsive, and therefore improving user experience. We at Touch are always brainstorming new ways to make our website more user-friendly, so this seemed like the obvious thing for us to do.

Is website responsiveness merely about making a website fit on to different types of devices?

It is about that, but it’s also about so much more. A lot of research has been done on responsive website optimisation – where to place content, banners, calls to action, for example, so that they’re most conveniently located for an interested customer. Web responsiveness is a large project – it’s not just about getting a web designer and developer into a room together, it comprises of input from Web, Content, Sales and Marketing teams.

How does a responsive site ultimately help generate sales?

Creating a convenient user experience means not scaring users off – the bounce rate (rate of users who land on your site and stay there) improves. More happy users can lead to an increase in sales and conversion rates.

What’s next for the digital team at Touch?

I can’t go into too many details, but there’s a lot on the horizon for Touch online. Watch this space…

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