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Finance for your sector

Healthcare and Care Home Industry Finance

Demand for care homes is only growing, so it’s a great industry to be in. But securing the funding to break through can be a challenge.

Finance for your sector

Wholesale Industry Finance

Getting large quantities of products to retailers is the lifeblood of manufacturers and that’s where wholesalers come in. But despite the importance of the in…

Finance for your sector

Transport Industry Finance

Every transport business wants to be able to accept as many lucrative jobs as possible whilst cash flow remains healthy enough to keep drivers paid and on the r…

Finance for your sector

Retail Industry Finance

Starting up a retail business, or keeping your existing one afloat, comes with challenges.
Having the means to invest in marketing campaigns or repairs and refu…

Finance for your sector

Recruitment Industry Finance

Touch have already seen hundreds of UK based businesses benefit from our finance solutions tailored specifically for recruitment companies. We have recruitment …

Finance for your sector

Printing and Publishing Industry Finance

Even with the rise of digital formats such as ebooks and online subscriptions to newspapers, the publishing industry as a whole is still thriving, so why is fun…

Finance for your sector

Manufacturing Industry Finance

UK manufacturing is a bigger deal than some of the media might have you believe. However, it’s not without its financial challenges – at Touch, we are exper…

Finance for your sector

Hospitality and Catering Industry Finance

Getting finance within the hospitality and catering industries is crucial for keeping businesses lucrative, but it can be hard to secure it. Whether it’s a ho…

Finance for your sector

Courier and Logistics Industry Finance

The logistics and courier industry in the UK is second only to the United States for quantity of exports, accounts for a very large portion of the economy, and …

Finance for your sector

Construction Industry Finance

It’s never been easy for small and mid-sized construction firms to secure finance in the UK, and in many cases it has become even harder in the last few years…

Finance for your sector

Business Services Finance

When working for clients who are other businesses, receiving payment on job completion has become a pipe dream.
Payment terms of 30, 60 or even 120 days are now…

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