CHOCCS is a hybrid offering of invoice factoring and invoice discounting. It offers all the benefits of factoring but allows you to stay in control of payment collection.


CHOCCS stands for “Customer Handles Own Credit Control Service”.

This means you’re able to chase your customers for payment, but they send payments to the provider helping you with your finances.

Get paid within 48hrs of raising an invoice

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Who should use CHOCCS?

If you’re a newer business or don’t want the finance company to talk to your customers, CHOCCS  could be a good fit. It might also be cheaper because you don’t have to pay extra for the finance company to chase your customers like with invoice factoring. It’s also especially handy if you have lots of small value invoices to keep track of.

CHOCCS finance facilities help you maintain relationships with customers, but remember that your clients will know it’s taking place.

Types of invoice finance

Confidential invoice discounting

This is a completely private facility that allows you the benefits of releasing cash from unpaid invoices without your customers knowing. However, you need to prove to the discounting provider that you are low risk with evidence of regular customer payments and an established credit control facility in place. This can be difficult if you are a new business.


Invoice Factoring

This is a more open way to get money from your invoices. Your customers pay the finance provider, not you directly. This means the finance company talks to your customers to collect outstanding invoices and they know about the finance facility being in place.


So, why would you choose CHOCCS/over other options like invoice factoring or confidential invoice discounting?

Well, it’s useful if you’re a newer business or you don’t want the finance company to talk to your customers. It allows you to remain in full contact with your customers even though they ultimately pay to finance provider rather than you directly.

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