Invoice Finance Calculator

Our invoice finance calculator can instantly assess if you are paying more than the industry average. If the costs shown here are less than your current invoice finance facility, it’s likely that we can help you save money.

New to invoice finance? This factoring calculator can show you the invoice factoring rates you could expect to receive from a funder.

Invoice Finance Calculator

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* The Advance rate may vary depending on the nature of your business and industry. Fees are based on averages from clients of Touch Financial from 1st January 2018 – 8th September 2022 and the current Bank of England base rate of 2.25%.

Our invoice factoring calculator is based on real data from hundreds of live Touch clients. While every case is different, the calculator provides an indicative view of the expected cost of invoice finance.

At Touch, we have extensive industry knowledge and use this to find the most suitable facility for your business. We compare invoice finance facilities from our panel of over 35 of the UK’s leading lenders. Our consultant will then suggest up to 3 funders for your business.

What is the cost of invoice finance?

Invoice finance typically attracts two costs:

  1. Discount Fee (Sometimes called Discount Rate or Factor Rate)
    This is essentially the interest rate paid on the money advanced.
  2. Service Fee (or Service Charge)
    This is the cost for running your facility. It is usually between 0.75% and 2.5% of turnover

Factors affecting the costs

Our calculator aggregates data from hundreds of real customers across multiple providers. However, every case is different of course.
Factors which affect the cost of invoice finance include:

  • Your business size, sector, location and trading history
  • Your customers’ size, sector, location and trading history
  • The nature of your work
  • The size and frequency of your invoices
  • The credit-worthiness of your customers
  • The factorable turnover of your business and the size of your sales ledger
  • The amount of each invoice you would like advanced.

Our service is free of charge and we won’t run a credit-check on you. There is no obligation to enter into an agreement with any of the funders we recommend.
We can also often provide you with favourable rates you may not see by going direct!

From pay-as-you-go to 30 day rolling contracts, there’s no need to be tied in to any agreement. Confidential invoice discounting facilities are also available. Invoice discounting is often cheaper than factoring but requires you to have a higher turnover.
If you are only looking to finance occasional invoices, you might consider spot factoring.

To assess your invoice finance options and more accurately determine factoring charges, speak to a consultant for free by filling in our online form.

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