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From leasing, refinancing to hire purchase, multiple options are available to match your cash flow requirements.

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“...the information was helpful and actionable.”

“Touch Financial was able to provide me with information incredibly quickly, and the information was helpful and actionable.”


Gabe Karp

“Highly recommended service.”

“Touch Financial were very easy to talk to with good information and good customer care. They have kept in contact with me and I couldn’t ask for more, highly recommended service!”


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What is Asset Finance?

The vast majority of businesses use some form of asset such as machinery or technology to deliver products or services to their customers. Asset finance can support your working capital needs by essentially giving you access to assets which can help your business grow or refinance your existing assets so you have funds to reinvest.

Almost any type of asset can be applied for through asset finance facilities. Some popular examples include machinery, equipment, vehicles, furniture, computer systems, leasehold improvements and more. In the case of financing equipment for example, lease or hire purchase contracts would accept assets worth £5,000 or more.

The Main Asset Finance Options:

Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase

Instead of paying thousands of pounds in an upfront lump sum, hire purchase provides the option to spread the cost of the asset’s value over an agreed time period including some additional interest. Once the contracted final instalment is paid, you become the owner of the asset. This product is appropriate if you wish to retain the asset beyond the finance contract.

Advantages include:

  • Structured Payment Instalments – spreading the cost over time means you can access the asset you need more quickly whilst alleviating any cash flow pressures. Certain agreements will allow your repayment amounts to be adjusted in line with seasonality and to ease your budgeting further, fixed and variable rate options are available with certain repayment structures.
  • Full Ownership Potential – once the agreed contract period is satisfactorily reached, the title of the asset is passed to your business.

Finance Leasing

This product is appropriate if you have no intention for asset ownership once the agreement is reached. Assets can be used in line with a contract involving agreed rental payments plus VAT for an agreed period of time.

Advantages include:

  • Full Use Without Ownership – the finance lease arrangement’s rental nature means you will get to use the asset fully without the lump sum upfront investment.
  • VAT Benefits – the business lessee renting the asset can offset net VAT rentals against taxable profits and in some cases reclaim part or all of the VAT.
  • Flexibility For Your Needs – at the end of the lease you can continue under terms of a secondary agreement, return the asset or upgrade to a new asset on a new lease.

Want to learn more about asset financing or how to improve your cash flow? Our consultants are experts in understanding businesses of all sizes within all sectors and can help you to identify suitable funding options.

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Case Studies

Specialist Supplier Logistics Company

Industry: Logistics   Turnover: £300k   Lender: Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

“We needed funding to get the business off the ground. Our clients are mainly in the engineering sector, automotive and aircraft part suppliers. Their payments terms vary- anything from 30 to 60 days. That means if we ship something on the 1st of the month and invoice on the 30th, we might not get paid until 90 days after the work was done. That’s a huge hole in our cash flow.” – Managing Director

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European Clothing Wholesaler Seeking Growth

Industry: Wholesale   Turnover: £500k   Lender: Hitachi

“With turnover increasing by over 50% per year we need capital to invest in the growth of our business. We also pay for all our imported stock up front. This means that we need the money from factoring to keep the operation running and to keep us on track to hit our ambitious targets.”  – Director

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