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Importing and Exporting to or from the UK can seem like a challenging and even daunting task. With potentially massive rewards to reap through increased sales and product/market diversification, no wonder thousands of businesses are seduced every year into becoming successful on an international scale.

It is important to consider all of the modern day challenges associated with both import and export markets.

If you are looking for funding to allow you to grow your sales, and want to discover what other support is available, fill in the quote form using the quote links in the page and get speaking to our consultants about our import finance solutions free of charge today.

The Challenges of Trade Overseas

It’s a whole new world of laws, regulations, languages, currency and cash flow challenges in almost every country you are looking to do business in. After all, no one said it would be easy. But with the right preparation and guidance, you will find everything is significantly more clear and easier to cope with than first appears.

With a mixture of some of the best export and import support in the market to help manage the fine details of trading internationally, you will be able to concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business.

Trade Finance

Trade finance ensures that you have the cash you need to purchase from your suppliers when you have secured a buyer. It works with the lender understanding that you have an order from your customer and that you first require cash to purchase your materials, components and other supplies in order to create your product to deliver to the customer. The amount of cash depends on the size of you invoice and order value, so even when your orders increase in size, you know you will have access to the cash you need.

Trade Finance works across the globe and can bring additional benefits such as logistic support and invoice finance. To find out more, fill in the quote form to the right and an expert will call you soon.

Invoice Finance and Purchase Funding

Particularly when selling abroad, you will probably find that customers require longer payment terms and generally take a long time to pay for any goods and services you have supplied. This will no doubt affect the ability for you and your business to reinvest in the next sale when cash is taking longer than usual to reach your pockets after a sale.

Invoice finance in effect bridges the gap between you supplying your goods and services and the 30-120 days before you get paid. The opposite to this is purchase funding which provides you with an extra 30 or so days to sell your products before you have to pay for the good you have purchased from abroad. To learn more about invoice finance and purchase funding, talk to our consultants for a free, no obligation chat using the quote form to the right or number at the top of the page.

Leave the details to us

When it comes to the laws, language and currency of each individual country you are looking to trade with, the fine details can take a long time to understand and most importantly, get right. This is where the Touch Financial’s specialist import and export finance team can help. By offering language support, currency support and advice on trade tax and local Government laws of the country involved, we can put you in touch with some of the best international trade experts available. You won’t regret having a partner to back you up when looking to collect payments from customers who speak another language, with different laws and culture to what we are used to.

Fill in the quote form through the button below and get speaking to a consultant about how our import finance services could help your business grow.

Our panel of lenders includes some of the best import and export financing lenders in Europe. Our introduction services are free of charge.

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