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“One of the best business decisions I've made…”

“One of the best business decisions I have made is using Touch Financial. They have proven themselves time and time again and they are a valuable business asset.”


Michael Proctor

“The Touch consultant was very helpful...”

“The Touch Financial consultant was very helpful, providing clear guidance to help us move our financing smoothly to our new provider sourced by Touch Financial.”


Graham Siddle

Trade Financing

Trading internationally referred to as purchase order finance or purchase finance, is a solution which can take care of supplier payments and provides the ability to negotiate early payment discounts. It works when trading internationally or domestically with suppliers based in the UK or overseas and the World Trade Organization (WTO) estimates that 80-90% of global trade relies on this method of financing.

Trading internationally has its inherent risks, such as currency fluctuations, political instability and payment delays, but trade finance serves as a reputable solution.

Trade Finance Benefits

  • Reduce Risk and Keep Order Intake – the letter of credit system is robust and strengthens funding for your trade cycle, as the financier in the buyer or importer’s home country issues a payment guarantee in the supplier’s or exporter’s name, which is confirmed by a bank in their country.
  • Strengthen Buyer-Seller Relationships – your agreed facility will allow you to pay your supplier(s) upfront in the preferred local currency. Some financiers also provide a foreign exchange service which can allow for rates to be locked in, avoiding the effect of currency fluctuations.
  • Grow With Improved Cash Flow – with payments and goods received accordingly, the buyers and sellers involved can maximise lucrative business opportunities. Focus can be kept on running your business rather than potential payment issues.

Suitability considerations

  • Track Record – trade finance will likely be provided if your company’s history shows a track record of fulfilling orders, profitability and business stability. Two years of trading is also usually a requirement which will give the financier confidence.
  • Letter of Credit – by having this universally-governed instrument issued, perceived risk can be reduced and confidence be placed in your trade transaction being successfully achieved.
  • Product Status – the type of goods involved in the transaction will be a factor in whether you are suitable for trade finance. Finished or non-perishable goods which can be easily re-sold will help your chances of securing trade finance.

Trade Finance and Invoice Finance Together

Some financiers can increase your buying power and provide you with more funding if you combine a trade finance facility with invoice finance. They work together well as they can be used in conjunction to finance the whole trade cycle – so there is sufficient working capital from the stage of the confirmed order, supply of goods, right through to the settling of the subsequent invoice.

Our relationships with some of the most reputable trade finance funders in the market and consultants’ expertise around the product means arranging your financing can be a simple process.

Fill in our form or call us to speak to a consultant today and our Touch consultants will happily go over any details or information you want to explore.

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Case Studies

Specialist Supplier Logistics Company

Industry: Logistics   Turnover: £300k   Lender: Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

“We needed funding to get the business off the ground. Our clients are mainly in the engineering sector, automotive and aircraft part suppliers. Their payments terms vary- anything from 30 to 60 days. That means if we ship something on the 1st of the month and invoice on the 30th, we might not get paid until 90 days after the work was done. That’s a huge hole in our cash flow.” – Managing Director

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European Clothing Wholesaler Seeking Growth

Industry: Wholesale   Turnover: £500k   Lender: Hitachi

“With turnover increasing by over 50% per year we need capital to invest in the growth of our business. We also pay for all our imported stock up front. This means that we need the money from factoring to keep the operation running and to keep us on track to hit our ambitious targets.”  – Director

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