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How To Write an Invoice

Even if you’ve been sending invoices out for years as a well established business, it’s worth doing a little refresher to make sure you are includin…

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How To Finance a Tax Bill

So – you’ve got a huge tax bill due and HMRC is not renowned for being lenient with late payments. What do you do?

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How To Improve Your Credit Score

Whether you’re trying to secure new funding or not, having a credit score is very important. Your credit score is based on your credit history so in order to …

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How To Get Business Finance With a Bad Credit Rating

Poor credit can affect your eligibility for traditional lending. Mainstream banks are most likely to turn you down for funding if you have bad credit because th…

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How To Manage Seasonal Cash Flow

Anything from summer holidays to tax season to just plain terrible weather can have an effect on a business’s cash flow. High seasons bring in more money …

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7 Ways to Raise £100k For Your Business

With the uncertainty surrounding today’s economy, how on earth do you go about raising enough money to start a business? To help answer this question we’ve …

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How To Download Bank Statements

Whether it’s for getting your documentation together for a loan application or for proof of address, you’ll need to download a bank statement at some point.

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How To Manage Financial Difficulty

Businesses need to be constantly on their guard against getting into financial difficulties. Short term cash flow problems can initiate a spiral downwards that …

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How To Find a Business Accountant

Finding the right accountant for your business with seemingly endless possibilities out there, and narrowing them down, can be a daunting task.

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How To Finance a Start-up

Starting your own business is an exciting adventure, so it shouldn’t be dulled down by the worry of how to finance things and really get started. Previously, …

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How To Understand a P and L Account

The profit and loss account, or P&L, for a business contains valuable information about how well it’s doing. Along with the balance sheet, it’s one of t…

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